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Bergen County, NJ. Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Out of all of the services we provide, our most sought after are kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Both of these rooms have a key role in the structure of the home and we aim to create the most efficient and comfortable spaces for you to utilize.


Kitchen Remodeling

Our home is our safe place, and the kitchen often feels like the true heart of the home. We want to ensure that everyone has access to a spacious and open kitchen to explore new recipes and enjoy family chats at the end of the day together. Renovating a kitchen can open up the whole house and it can make a huge impact on the home as a whole. Adding more light, countertops, and modern elements to a kitchen can bring it to a whole new level and inspire cooking creativity.

Whether you are looking to renovate a tiny kitchen in your flat or a vast kitchen space in your family home, we have the tools and knowledge to build something beautiful and useful.

If you are looking for a traditional kitchen set up we can swap your outdated fittings and sink for new, high-quality versions and even create decorative moldings and raise doors to add to a classic aesthetic. For those who want a modern touch, we can replace old taps with chrome waterfalls, create sleek and rounded doors, and soft-close drawers. Installing a few under cupboard and ceiling LEDs will finish the look off perfectly.


Bathroom Remodeling

We believe that the bathroom is one of the most important rooms of the house, but sadly it is also often one of the most neglected. If your bathroom has had the same old white fittings since you moved into the house, it is definitely time to refresh and update the space.

Imagine creating your own personal spa retreat. Being able to come home from a long day of work and enjoy a hot, steamy bath with a glass of wine and your favorite show on Netflix. We can work with you to create a beautiful sanctuary to relax in and perform some important self-care.

Our experts will take the stress out of planning the layout of appliances in the bathroom as we know how complicated it can be. From the smallest tiles to the shower unit, we will ensure everything is picture perfect and creates that maximum feeling of comfort. Whether you are on a budget or you have the money to splash out, we can make some real changes to this part of the house.

If you are looking for a simple refit and a traditional look, we will create a clean bathroom design with beautiful tiles, a spacious bath, and a shower cubicle. If you have a smaller space to work with we can integrate the sink and toilet into one sleek unit, and add a shower screen to an L shaped bath so you always have the best of both worlds. Allow us to make the bathroom of your dreams.