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Bergen County, NJ. Room Addition Contractor


Most people would like to spice up their domestic life in terms of the aesthetics of their Bergen County home, but not everyone knows the best way to do it. There is a multitude of options; perhaps getting in touch with a room addition contractor might be the right idea for you.


What Is A Room Addition?

A room addition is quite literally adding an extra room (or rooms) onto a house. If a homeowner feels as though they’re in need of extra room, then they have the right to, at the very least, consider extending or converting a part (or parts) of their house. The addition is traditionally made to the side or the back of the house, but many people opt for an accessory dwelling unit (or ADU) – this is basically a detached building located a short distance away from the house.


What Purposes Do They Serve?

As mentioned before, they provide extra space for necessary rooms to be built. Needing an extra bathroom or bedroom is the most common reason for this kind of project, but it’s up to the individual or family. It’s not always about adding a completely new room; many people would like to have a few more square feet added in order to fit a few more items.


How Much Is This Likely To Cost?

It all depends on how much you’re looking to add, of course. You’ll be charged per square foot. Typically, a 20x20 living room will cost around $80,000 and up for the construction only, not including the plans, permits or demolition. when everything has been completed. A smaller, more modest bedroom would cost significantly less – around half the price, in fact. You’ll be able to chat through the money side of things with your local contractor, however, and perhaps the right deal can be struck for all parties.


How Long Is The Process Likely To Take

Of course, it all depends on the situation you’re in and how many hours the contractors can work. The size of the room is also a factor. It’ll usually take a couple of months to get the extra room completed – a 30x30 room may take up to three months, however.


Will It Add Much Value To My Home?

Yes, your home will become a lot more valuable if it has more space, and functions a lot better. Whether it’s an extra bathroom, bedroom, or living room, the price of your home will be boosted overall. The investment you make may seem large, but you’ll be rewarded in the long-run.


What Permission Is Necessary?

Before heading into this kind of project, you’ll need permission to get going. There are many reasons for this, even though they may seem a little confusing at first. For starters, you may be obstructing those around you, so that’ll need to be checked first. You may also need structural, electrical, plumbing, and gas permits in order to be given the green light on the construction.